Top 10 Tips For Maintaining Your Timber Deck

Best 10 Tips to Maintain Timber Decks

Maintaining Your Timber Deck

Timber decks are one of the best ways to increase the enjoyment of your home. You will want to look for a timber deck solution that works for you. Once it is installed you will want to take care of it so it takes care of your enjoyment from it for years to come.

Why Maintaining Timber Deck is Important

It is of the utmost importance to maintain your deck once it is installed. Depending on the type of timber you have used for the deck will dictate the type and amount of maintenance that you will have to perform on your deck.

You need to maintain it so that it does not rot, get damaged from the harsh weather of sun and/or rain, and so that it does not become a home to pests. Let’s investigate the top 10 ways in which you can maintain your deck.

Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips

Here are some of the top tips for maintaining your deck to keep it an enjoyable place for years to come.

1. Inspect the Deck

You will want to inspect your deck on a routine basis. Simply look for any abnormal wear to the deck. You will also want to look for any loose boards and/or nails. If there are any, replace or repair them. Look for rot and address it immediately.

2. Clean the Deck

You will then want to clean the deck. Seems pretty straightforward. There are several deck cleaners on the market. Be sure to know what type of timber was used on your deck and use a corresponding deck cleaner. Any misuse of these chemicals can leave your deck damaged. You can also use a pressure washer with just good old fashioned water to clean the deck as well.

3. Paint or Stain the Deck

Paint or stain your deck with a good water repellent or water proof paint or stain. You will also want to one that offers UV protection. Remember, paint is not a sealant and will not function as such. You will need to add a separate sealant.

4. Seal the Deck

Once you have painted or stained your deck, you will need to seal the deck. Make sure that you use a sealant that is compatible with the paint or stain that you used. Be sure to do this once the paint or stain is completely dry.

5. Move Furniture Around

You will want to move furniture around on a somewhat consistent basis. This will ensure that you do not get mismatched color patches on the deck from the covering or shadows that are cast by the furniture, grills, and the like.

6. Don’t use Rugs or Mats

Do not use rugs or mats on your deck. These tend to trap moisture which will surely cause damage to your deck.

7. Trim Bushes and Trees

You will also want to trim bushes and trees from around your deck to help prevent the development of mold, rot, or moss, all of which will cause major damage to your investment.

8. Keep it Clean

This one seems a bit too simple but usually the vest tips are the simplest ones. You will want to continually monitor your deck and remove any debris, trash, leaves, etc. that gather in order to ensure that those items do not cause any damage to your beautiful deck.

9. Repairs

When you see a repair that needs to be done, get it done. Letting it sit can cause more damage and a more difficult repair as well.

10. Avoid Common Deck Pitfalls

There are several common pitfalls that basic maintenance will also take care of. If you choose to have plants on your deck, do not place them so that the dirt from the pots can get directly on your deck.

This can cause damage to the deck. Instead, put something under the planter like a piece of cement to prevent the dirt from getting on to your deck.

If you have a grill on your deck put a grease catcher under it. One of the more difficult if not impossible things to remove is a grease stain. That is unless you want to replace that board.

Tings to avoid Don't use bleach

What to Avoid with Deck Care?

Here are a few things to avoid. Do not use chlorine bleach. I can cause a lot of damage to your deck’s appearance. Think about putting bleach on a black shirt. Enough said. Do not use a wire brush to clean stains, the wire brush can damage the wood.


When you follow some routine maintenance on your deck you will have a beautiful deck that will serve you and your family for years to come. These basic and (mostly) easy tasks will ensure this. Have fun and enjoy your deck as it is something that is a treasure.